TNT - The People Network

Amsterdam agency Etcetera turned to PostPanic director Mischa Rozema @PostPanic to take on the challenge of their hugely ambitious Human Network script. Central to the integrated global campaign for TNT, is a stunning 50 second television spot highlighting the delivery giant's far-reaching network of dedicated couriers.

I was heavily involved with this project from the very start. We had to plan the shoot very carefully since we had little time for post-production. That's why we created very detailed animatics (Previz). During the production I was one of the two "on set VFX Supervisors". I worked carefully with the director and DOP to make sure everything we shot was usable in post and I provided the on set team with all the needed data from the previz.

During the post-production I oversaw the collaboration with Glassworks Barcelona, who were helping out with CG-extras. Next to that I worked as an senior animator and compositor.