Leaseplan - What's Next

Film and Post Production: PostPanic

Director: Mischa Rozema

Internal stakeholder communications may seem like the creative industry's unloved projects but LEASEPLAN's ambitious film directed by PostPanic's Mischa Rozema raises the bar on how to digest corporate messaging. Commissioned by Amsterdam agency Etcetera, the 3 minute long film sees journalist and 'Grand Tour' presenter Richard Hammond take the lead in a cinematic, action-packed and unexpected journey through the future of private car leasing.  

This was the last project I worked as an employee at PostPanic. I was responsible for creating most of the previs; during this process I also played a large role in figuring out how to do the mind-bending transitions. During the shoot I was the VFX Supervisor, assisted by Guido Ekker.

After the shoot, I worked with the PostPanic team to create the base for the transitions in 3D and Compositing. I also animated, lit, rendered and composited all the (non-flying) cars visible in the end-shot. Aside from that I helped out on numerous other shots by working on animation, lighting, rendering and compositing.